Academic / Journal Articles

Still A Negative Case? Japan’s Changing Refugee Policy In The Face Of New Geopolitical Challenges

Maximilien Xavier Rehm

Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, vol. 22(6), 2024 Jun

Shutting the Door: Japan’s COVID-19 Border Control Policy in the Context of Its (Non-)Immigration Policy

Maximilien Xavier Rehm

Migration Policy Review, vol. 15, 2023 May, pp. 194-218

The Admission of Foreigners as “Human Resources”: The Contradictory Approach of Japan

Maximilien Xavier Rehm

Global Resource Management Journal, vol. 9, 2023 Mar, pp. 73-91

Other Written Work

Reevaluating Japan’s landmark foreign worker reforms

Maximilien Xavier Rehm

East Asia Forum, 2024 May 14

Is Japan Shifting Towards A Values-Based Foreign Policy?

Maximilien Xavier Rehm

Foreign Analysis, 2024 May 5

Japan: Can foreign policy achievements save Kishida?

Maximilien Xavier Rehm

The Interpreter, Lowy Institute, 2024 Apr 19

Biden, Kishida And Sustainable Security In East Asia

Maximilien Xavier Rehm

Foreign Analysis, 2024 Mar 5

Why won’t Kishida adopt a formal immigration policy?

Maximilien Xavier Rehm

East Asia Forum, 2023 Nov 23

Master's Thesis

Conference Presentations & Talks

How Has the Political Discourse in Japan with Regards to Immigration Changed? A Quantitative Analysis of Four Decades of Political Debate in the National Diet.

Maximilien Xavier Rehm, Richard East

The Migration Conference 2024, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, Mexico, 2024 Jul 9

Japan, das zögerliche (nicht-)Einwanderungsland

Maximilien Xavier Rehm

Human Dignity Center at Doshisha University, Doshisha University, Kyoto, 2024 Feb 8

The Institutionalizing of International Education Policy as a Labor Migration Pathway: Analyzing Four Decades of Policymaking in Japan

Maximilien Xavier Rehm

International Symposium on Democratizing International Student Mobility, Waseda University, Tokyo, 2024 Feb 2

Why Does Japan Not Have an Immigration Policy? Explaining Past Policy Choices from the Perspective of Historical Institutionalism

Maximilien Xavier Rehm

JAMPS 2023 Annual Conference, Meiji University, Tokyo, 2023 May 28

Why Does Japan Not Have an Immigration Policy? The 1990 Immigration Reforms as a “Critical Juncture” in Policymaking

Maximilien Xavier Rehm

6th Conference of the Doshisha University Association of Global Studies, Doshisha University, Kyoto, 2022 Nov 26

Quoted In / Other Contributions

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